Simply Bali

Originally I planned to stay  in Canggu, small surfer town located in the South of Bali, only for a few days- I thought I’d quickly get bored of the beach. Indeed for the last few weeks, I have been on the road, running around, doing and seeing new things every day. Quite addictive to be frank! “Doing nothing”and staying in one place made me anxious. It’s funny how in life it’s often easier to keep busy than to relax – there is something comforting about achieving things and always doing.

However, as soon as I took my first step on the hot dark sand of the beach of Canggu and heard the sound of the waves, a soothing sensation followed that made me forget everything- only leaving me grounded and complete. It has been almost two weeks since I arrived and technically I guess every day is pretty much the same…but in reality every day is so special that I can’t get enough of it.

Every day, I spend hours in the sea, surfing or just playing in the waves like a kid. I soak up the radiant energy of the sunshine. I sit on the beach and look at the ocean’s constant but ever changing motion, as hypnotized.

Every day I watch the sunset, as amazed as if it was the first time I was seeing one. I close the eyes and smile as I feel the cool air refresh my warm skin.

Every day I laugh and smile, A LOT, because of the amazingly kind and happy Balinese people. I feel inspired by their natural cheerfulness.

Every day I share simple but true moments with others, may it be couple of minutes over a cup of coffee or a simple but real smile exchanged on the street.

Every day is a series of simple, but beautiful and true moments.

The great thing about traveling is that by experiencing many different places and lifestyles, you get a new perspective on things that make you understand what makes you happy, and what really matters. Coming to Bali and allowing myself to “settle” here for a while has made me completely certain of one thing: that real happiness lies in simplicity. That nothing beats the small and simple things but quite the opposite, that it is what life is all about.












  • You seem to be just as happy as if you were in Martinique! I hope you visit Surabaya and Jakarta before you leave! Have a safe journey Siggy!


  • Seddy, excuse me? There are the worst riots in dcades in Jakarta right now. Hardly what Sigrid is pursuing.


  • Vous lire est toujours un pur moment de fraîcheur et de bonheur, Sigrid. Vous rayonnez de paroles positives, et votre joie de vivre est extraordinairement communicative. Merci de nous apporter ce beau rayon de soleil depuis la merveilleuse île de Bali et de ses habitants si sympathiques. La vie est parfois faite de petits bonheurs simples qui valent toutes les richesses du monde. Notre cœur se nourrit de ces belles expériences, et fait grandir notre âme.

    Je suis heureux de pouvoir vous accompagner modestement en pensée depuis ma lointaine europe au travers de ce blog si chaleureux. Vous êtes une personne rare, positive et infiniment humaine, je suis vraiment impressionné. Les mots me manquent, je dirais donc : bravo à vous et à votre démarche si originale. C’est réellement envoûtant et dépaysant de découvrir une telle gemme dans l’océan de l’internet.

    Tous mes sincères encouragements pour la suite de votre voyage ♥
    ~ Anton de France ~


  • Happy Birthday Sigrid! I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was refreshing to read about how you experience & think about life. In an age where everything is diced and parceled in 5 seconds Snaps & Instagram stories, Its great to see the thoughtful effort you put in your writings.

    Best, Akshay


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