Day 1: Delhi

There are some places we feel we know, although we’ve never been there, because we hear so much about them. For me, Delhi was one of these places. Quite honestly, by the descriptions of other visitors – busy, dirty, smelly – I arrived thinking that I would most probably hate it. However, although they were right about all of it, I couldn’t have been more amazed by this city.

As soon as you leave Delhi airport, you understand that you are entering another dimension. An incessant flow of cars and honks keep you on the look out, ready for an accident to occur. Surprisingly though, no one seems to bother. Delhiites navigate through this craziness with an incredible coolness. My driver sensed some anxiousness from my side and said, laughing : “We drive so close to each other that there is never a real accident. Just a lot of scratches.”

Delhi is indisputably pure chaos. But what makes it chaotic also makes it a unique and fascinating experience.











  • It looks fantastic. So many colors. I’m fascinated by what might be in those sacks. Coffee? Nuts? Dates? Beans? Seasonings? I can’t imagine what it would be like to stick your hands in, scoop up a double handful, and just breathe through them. What sublime joy!


  • This experience seems to be so fulfilling! Being alone with ourselves is a whole new adventure. Enjoy and take care!


  • Welcome to India Sigrid. Enjoy the Incredible India. Explore As much as you can. As I’m a tourism professional If you want any kind of information related to monuments and sightseeing you can contact me for sure. LinkedIn – amitpsdikhit


  • From the times we were born in this beautiful country we are habituated to the chaos of traffic – the honks, the close shaves ( vehicles rub lol ) and many . It all becomes part of life , sometimes you feel this is all life and sometimes you get frustrated . PS : You will notice this state in any major cities of the country


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