Alone, but not lonely


Over the last few weeks, it has been interesting witnessing how differently people react when I tell them about my travel plans. While some think it’s great and exciting, many other look at me with surprise and ask “ By yourself?!!”. Is it really so strange to want to travel alone?

Don’t misunderstand me, I Iove being with other people. Indeed, I believe that life only takes its full meaning when shared. But I also enjoy spending time by myself. We spend so much of our days running around and constantly doing things, but rarely take the time to just be with ourselves. We seek distraction and company via all kinds of devices as if having one’s self for company was the worst thing possible. But why should we expect people to enjoy our company if we don’t ?

I am always amazed by how many people, when eating alone at restaurants, stay hooked to their phone. I sometimes go out to eat by myself and I genuinely enjoy it. There are so many things to observe around. Interesting things don’t only happen on Instagram ! I look at people, try to guess their stories. I also get to enjoy and fully experience my meal. I can focus on the textures, the tastes, the smells. Being alone is only boring if we make it so. It can also result in an amazing awareness and openness to both the internal and the external world.

Indeed, in my opinion it stands as the best opportunity to meet and interact with other people. How often do we reach out to others when we already are in a group or busy doing something?

It is not in my nature to be very outgoing and I will for sure have to go out of my comfort zone to make the first step, and engage with people I don’t know. But after all:

  • all my dearest friends were once strangers.
  • isn’t life, thus growth, all about getting out of the comfort zone ?


  • Being alone with one’s innermost reality and innermost truth is the essential human condition. We are never more who we are than when we are alone with our own thoughts and our own feelings. There’s a great song on Dave Mason’s album, “Alone Together” that sort of captures the reality of what you’re talking about. It’s called, “Only You Know and I Know”. Enjoy!


  • I enjoy traveling alone since I was a senior high school student. Traveling alone means a adventure more than just sightseeing. I believe it is a good way to make a girl more independent and stronger.


  • Traveling alone is the best. I really hope I will be able to go back exploring the world by myself very soon. Enjoy your trip Sigrid xx


  • Hello! I made 3 big trips on my own and I am planning a 4th one for next year. I have met some of my closest friends travelling on my own and after years of not being so good to me it was a fantastic way to love me and take care of myself more. Because I understand I like being with myself! Of course I enjoy travelling with my friends, but travelling on my own is a great experience! All the best!

    Andrea, from Buenos Aires.


  • I enjoy being alone so much just like you. I’ve tried eaten alone in the restaurants when I was in college. Actually, the very first time wasn’t hard or uncomfortable at all. I was all at ease sitting alone there surrounded by a bunch of people. It’s been years, everyday I realize how beautiful it is if one can enjoy himself alone especially among the crowds. And after that I truely understand that how you get along with yourself sometimes defines you the best.xx.


  • It is really amazing that some human needs to travel all around the world, far from their birth land, even explore the universe to find out the most important diamond of their life which is hidden in the deepest level of their mind. Because we are both a tiny part of the universe and the all universe, we probably need to unremittingly oscilate between the infinity small to the infinity large to understand the reason we are alive.

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